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TEDxBloemfontein is an independently organized TED-like event found in the area of Bloemfontein, Free State. It is a city-focused innovation and change conference that brings together extraordinary people from around the city and the country at large then facilitates the exchange of ideas, experience, and vision. Thus creating an ecosystem conducive to ideas worth spreading and finally birthing the fruits of action in the community.

TEDxBloemfontein inspires massive creativity and cultivates lifelong relationships that can help promising individuals to realize their goals and see their ideas come to life.

The project TEDxBloemfontein is an independent global platform that is organised within the spirit of TED. Our aim for TEDxBloemfontein is to change tomorrow, today. Bloemfontein’s atmosphere, in particular, needs new life and zeal – we’re sparking that conversation in the city. There are some doing great things within the city, but still too many are living far below their potential. So, we’re giving the doers, thinkers and idea-generators a platform to talk about ideas worth sharing to an audience of potential.

At TEDxBloemfontein, we seek to attract the people with the passion, the zeal and the resources to make the ideas of the future a reality. Having TEDxBloemfontein is a great advantage to our small city as we can shape the way our region develops. The fact that Bloemfontein is not the biggest hub for events makes TEDx a gem, for TEDxBloemfontein can lead the city’s idea-generation and sharing.

One of the great aims of TEDxBloemfontein is the fostering of networking opportunities. We want to make TEDxBloemfontein one of the great networking opportunities not just for communities here in the heart of South Africa but for the entire country. We hope to get the TED brand recognised in Free State and the country as a whole.

Together, we can share ideas to the people of Bloemfontein and start to change tomorrow, today.

TEDxUFSThe project TEDxUFS is an independent global platform that is organised within the spirit of TED and is hosted within the University of the Free State. The first TEDxUFS event was hosted back in 2014. This is when the UFS celebrated 110 years since its establishment in 1904. The event was the beginning of amazing things. The establishment of the TEDx platform was based on the UFS strategic vision for 2016, and the theme was: “Changing tomorrow, ”.

TEDxUFS seeks to ignite a culture of ambition that gives confidence to  the great potential vested in youth. The event’s audience includes students of various faculties, their lecturer’s and other members of the university community. The event hopes to inspire UFS students and the broader society to be extraordinary and bolder in expressing their innovative ideas.

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